Starting Ballet


Ballet lessons bring many positive benefits. They help to foster confidence, poise, grace, musicality and self-discipline. An early introduction to ballet through a pre-school class such as those offered by the Baby Ballet Franchises is the perfect fun introduction to ballet and dance. Everything needed for ballet from top to toe can be supplied by Tappers & Pointers from ballet shoes to headbands and everything in between.

  • Ballet Shoes

    Ballet shoes for young starters may be in leather or satin. The leather tends to grow with the feet whereas the satins are slightly less espensive. Both sorts come in a variety of colours and a wide range of sizes.

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  • Ballet Socks

    You will need a pair of ballet socks for dance classes. These are a fine knit sock which come to just above the ankle. Available in pink, white and black but most starters will wear pink.

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  • Short Sleeved Leotard

    This pretty pink leotard is a favourite uniform style for many dance schools. Made from soft cotton lycra and available in a range of pastel shades, it provides a comfortable and easy to wear first leotard for youngsters.

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  • Leotard and Skirt

    Some schools like their young starters to wear a leotard and skirt similar to this one. Skirts come in a variety of fabrics and co-ordinate with either nylon lycra or cotton lycra leotards.

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  • Crossover Cardigans

    This knitted crossover cardigan is ideal for a warm-up garment at the beginning of the dance class. Available in lots of colours, both pastels and darker shades, they can co-ordinate or contrast with the leotard chosen.

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  • Soft Vanity Bag

    A small bag to carry dancewear and ballet shoes to and from class is essential and we have a good range to choose from. These come in different colours with different dance orientated motifs on the front panel. Always a firm favourite with youngsters!

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