Starting Tap


Tap dancing appeals to all age groups and is a fun style of dance that develops co-ordination and builds strength and flexibility. Young children love the freedom of being encouraged to make that wonderful tapping noise whilst adults enjoy tap dancing as a fun way to exercise and tone up. Tappers & Pointers have shoes to suit all levels from flats for youngsters to Cuban heels for adults and more accomplished tappers. 

  • Velcro Tap Shoe

    This style of tap shoe is ideal for really young starters in tap dancing.  With the exceptionally easy Velcro fastening, the children enjoy the independence of being able to get ready for their tap class without needing an adult to tie their laces.  This is a particular advantage to the dance teacher who is then not required to tie all those laces!  Available in both black, as featured, and also in white, this starter style has been very popular since we introduced it two years ago.

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  • Hologram Tap Shoe

    Few children can resist the sparkle of our silver hologram tap shoes.  The holographic surface reflects every colour under the rainbow and lends a magical look to young tapping feet.

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  • Black Low Heel Tap Shoe

    Our best-selling tap shoe!  You cannot go wrong with this tried and tested style of tap shoe which has been at the core of our tap shoe range for many, many years!  Choose from black, red or white.

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  • Cuban Heel Tap Shoe

    Adult tap dancing for beginners is hugely popular as a way of keeping fit and trim.  Our PU Cuban heel tap shoe ticks all the boxes for this market.  Inexpensive but comfortable and durable and you can now even choose whether to have shoes with just toe taps fitted or toe and heel taps fitted.

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  • Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Leotard and…

    We have lots of styles and colours in our freestyle and classic dancewear ranges which are suitable for tap dancing. Our strident Lycra basics can be glitzed up with sequins and sparkles for shows and tap performances or simply used for class and practice work.

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